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The City Keeps Throwing Money at Cops While Neglecting Education, Library Services

"If you're not a cop, don't look at me for money. I'm broke." Charles Mudede



Seattle has never been the progressive enclave it likes to think it is. It's a provincial, racist and segregated, libertarian (in as much as the billionaires refuse to pay taxes and everyone else keeps voting "nope, they don't need to pay taxes!"), and filthy (polluted air/land/water). It's a microcosm of the United States - believes it is something it is not and never has been.


What's good, xina?


Charles. Modern monetary theory leads to rampant inflation which devalues any wage gains made by workers. That’s the paradox you should write about.


Capitalists everywhere tremble at your moral dialectic.


Charles dear, Seattle city government has absolutely nothing to do with Seattle Public Schools. And while I know this makes people cross, part of the library system’s current woes date back to Nancy Pearl, Rem Koolhaas, and the ego-driven bond issue that created a ridiculously impractical Central Library.

Xina dear, you are basically the liberal equivalent of Our Dear Raindrop. Does being a moral scold ever get as tedious for you as it does for those of us who interact with you?


The far left continues to mirror the far right they claim to hate - even @1 is now part of the Seattle is dying (how adorable)


@5. For your part, Mrs. Vel-DuRay, you've started to become a passive enabler of injustice because that's just how things have always been and rich people benefitted from that injustice.


Whoops, that's benefited (the American spelling, not the British, although on closer inspection my ancestry is English).

C Dizzle regrets the error.


CDizzle, I’m sorry my corrections of wrong or stupid things that Stranger writers publish hurt your heart. One can live in a fantasyland, or one can look objectively at our governmental setup.

Please tell me how my comment “enabled injustice”


@9. I was referring to your commentary on how divesting from Boeing is a pipe dream because UW and the greater Seattle area had prospered from its blood money, and how this batch of kids will move on and be replaced but Boeing and UW will remain inexorably inseparable. Your logic can't be denied, but maybe the right thing to do is to cut the cord because of ethics.



CDrizzle dear, as an alum of the UW (for two quarters), I will reiterate: Like my "real" school, The U of Iowa, UW is a corporation. The only way it practices any ethics is by threat or force of regulation. Alumni can exert a great deal of influence - if they are donors - but students are a product. Public universities have been that way since That Horrible Ronald Reagan justified cutting education funding because his Hollywood feelings were hurt by Vietnam War protestors back in the 60's.

If by "cut the cord", you mean the entire Puget Sound Region, I don't think that's legally possible, and the economic and societal effects would be truly disastrous, especially for the disadvantaged. Boeing directly accounts for about 60,000 employees in the region, and thousands of other jobs are dependent on those jobs. Interestingly enough, most of the Puget Sound jobs are on the commercial airline side, which no one seems to have a political problem with.

So yes, it's an ethical quandry.


@13. Thanks for your response and time elucidating.

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