Seattle, did you know that the lines on your highways, roads, streets, and stroads are literally fucking invisible??? 

In recent years, the City appears to have added some reflectors to the lines. Excellent choice. Now we can all see the lines at night when it's raining and dark, which happens to be much of the year. Hooray! Problem solved, right? 


Do you know why? Now that this city gets snow pretty much every year, the snow plows that are very necessary come out and scrape the reflectors away. To avoid this issue, cities typically recess their reflectors in the street when they repave. 

So, Seattle, please, for the love of rain and snow and driving in this city, when you repave roads and add the pretty lines, just remember that in like two years those lines will be so faded that you can't see them anymore and your precious reflectors will be scraped away, so RECESS THE GODDAMNED REFLECTORS. 

And, better yet, just get rid of the cars and give us trains. That would really solve everything, and I do mean everything.

Thank you,

A Woman Engineer Who Has No Power to Solve This Problem

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