I see you on a full bus, sitting in the aisle seat while the inside seat is empty. You might as well tape a sign to the seat next to you that reads, "My Comfort Is More Important Than Anyone Else’s."

Sometimes people have lots of stuff that takes up a seat on a crowded bus, and that’s the unfortunate reality of life. But you? This? This is different. 

You make it impossible and awkward for someone to sit next to you. You hog the row and break the code of public transit. 

And I get it. We’ve all been on a crowded bus with free rows dwindling and 18 tech bros boarding the bus, crossing our fingers that nobody takes the empty seat next to us. But the difference between you and the rest of us is that we are sitting by the window, making it possible for someone else to sit down no matter how badly we wish they wouldn’t. 

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