As we approach National Bike Month, I just want to issue a quick reminder to our car and pedestrian friends that they, too, must conduct themselves accordingly to avoid major road catastrophes. But most of all I would like to address the runners taking up the bike lane. 

Bike lanes are our only refuge. We don’t get the safety of sidewalks, roller-skaters also lay claim our lanes, and we’re risking our lives when we share the horribly managed roads with Seattle’s shite drivers. So, please, please, please leave them for us. 

You’re feet away from the path reserved for exactly your activity of choice (I’m looking at you Green Lake runners). Maneuvering this city as a biker is already treacherous enough, we really don’t need another curveball of noise-canceled, oblivious lane-hogging runners to swerve around. Save a biker, run on the footpath.

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