As much as I wish I were referring to one of my favorite Faye Webster songs, the reference is actually about you. You won’t go away. 

Why is it that you, my partner’s ex, seem to be so persistent with your social media presence around him? God forbid you delete the old pictures of you and him. I mean, you had no problem deleting pictures of your other exes, but it seems you’ve made an exception for my partner for some reason. And when I look at who has liked his sister’s Instagram posts, there you are, always one of the first five to double-tap. 

Maybe I can’t let go of your Instagram choices because of our first interaction. You came over to the apartment because you were friends with my partner’s roommates. I said hello to you and attempted to introduce myself, and you responded by ignoring me and running upstairs with the roommates. I know I can’t change your actions, I can only control my reactions. But, that said, while I explore burying the hatchet by submitting an anonymous message to The Stranger, could you at least give him his jacket back instead of wearing it every chance you get?

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