How to Seattle 2024

The Stranger Presents: How to Seattle 2024

99 Things to Do Before the Big One Takes Us All

How to Seattle: Outdoors

Sure, the View Is Beautiful, but It’s Gonna Kill Us All

How to Seattle: Food & Drink

The Best Side of Seattle Is Waiting for You at the Hot Dog Cart

The 99 Things to Do in Seattle Checklist

Download It and Print It Out to Keep Track of Your Progress!

How to Seattle: Attractions & Landmarks

Welcome to Our Weird Little Corner of the Country

How to Seattle: Shopping

Because You Can't Take It With You

How to Seattle: Music & Nightlife

From Punk Shows at Roller Rinks to Trivia Nights Hosted By Jeopardy! Champs

How to Seattle: Arts & Culture

Only in Seattle Can You Scream in a Museum and Dance to Robyn at Church

How to Seattle: Extra Credit

Adventures That Require a Bit More Time, Money, and/or a Willing Grindr Date

To ensure you experience the best possible version of Seattle, The Stranger’s writers compiled this list of 99 things you need to do to truly “get” Seattle. Whether you’re here for a weekend or a lifetime, we hope you’ll flip through this issue and feel inspired to get out there and explore, to find the coolest and weirdest and most surprising and delicious aspects of the city. 

This checklist is in every issue of The Stranger—here's where to find it!—but you can also download it here for free, print it out, and keep track of your progress. 

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