Lots of interesting stuff to catch you up on, from the internet’s latest thinkpieces to TikTok’s loudest yellers. I’ve got layoffs, strikes, union stuff, and more—let’s get into it.

DocuSign lays off 700 people: DocuSign is laying off 10% of its workforce, putting almost 700 people out of work. This is the second time in the past six months they’ve laid off a wave of workers. Their explanation appears to be that the company’s revenue only grew 18% this past quarter. Oops, missed growth projections! Better throw some people to the gutter! 

Twilio lays off more: Between this cut and its last one in September, software company Twilio has now laid off more than a quarter of its workforce. In a gesture of solidarity, the company’s CEO offered to cut his base pay by 50% to $65,000 … which would be admirable if it didn’t account for less than 1% of his total compensation of $14.6 million. Nice try, pal.

So, are the layoffs coordinated? Recruiters say companies are using these layoffs as an excuse to cut salary offers to new hires. Hell of a system we’ve got here. 

1,200 UW researchers and postdocs vote to authorize a strike: Fed up with the University of Washington administration slow-rolling contract negotiations, last night UW researchers and postdocs voted to overwhelmingly approve a strike. Of the 401 postdoc members who cast a ballot, 96% voted yes. Of the 959 research scientists/engineers who cast a ballot, 92% voted yes.

What the hell is going on in Ohio???

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Nationalize the damn railroads: When pure capitalism screws up this hard, you simply have to try something else. This week, many people said let’s just nationalize the railroads already.

OSHA investigating Amazon: Speaking of government oversight trying to rein in capitalists, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is finding that itty bitty fines aren’t doing enough to improve the brutal working conditions at the warehouses of our city’s embarrassment, Amazon: 

'When we order that two-day shipping at Amazon, there is no magic technology,' said Sheheryar Kaoosji, director of the Warehouse Worker Resource Center, a nonprofit dedicated to improving warehouse conditions in Southern California. 'What gets that product to you quickly is talented, hard-working, overstrained humans rushing.'

So much for “Earth’s Best Employer”: Employee morale at Amazon is low, and people are writing off their silly slogan as a marketing gimmick the company hasn't followed through on. Spit out that Kool-Aid! Walk outside! Come back to us, Amazonians!

Republicans are anti-worker: And come back to us, too, people who think both parties are the same. Yes, Democrats need to be prodded into doing the right thing for workers. But, as Nick French wrote for Jacobin this week, Republicans never will.

Starbucks allegedly understaffs cafes to break unions: Speaking of anti-worker, Starbucks employees claim the company is understaffing its stores in its latest attempt to bust the huge union push that has grown to 366 stores nationwide, including more than 100 stores that demonstrated for worker rights on Valentine’s Day.

Howard Schultz is a coward: After Schultz refused Bernie Sanders’s request to testify before Congress about his company’s anti-union activity, Teamsters President Sean O’Brien had some choice words for the cowardly coffee king. Starbucks Workers United coined a new one:

Time to ban caste discrimination: The Seattle City Council will meet to vote on the issue Tuesday. Let’s get to it!

Tesla in double trouble: The company is now recalling nearly 363,000 vehicles over automated driving safety issues. It’s also in trouble with the NLRB again—this time for allegedly firing workers who were trying to organize union efforts at its Buffalo plant and for allegedly shadowbanning them on Twitter.

Enjoy the Super Bowl? Check out these behind-the-scenes stars:

AAA Contractors Inc. fined $400,000 for fatal trench collapse: L&I has fined Kent-based construction company AAA Contractors Inc. after an accident at one of its work sites killed Surjit Gill, 36, last September. The fines total over $400,000 for what L&I claims is multiple violations that led to Surjit’s death. The company is appealing the decision. 

Want to be a labor educator? South Seattle College’s Georgetown Campus is looking for somebody like you to help educate and support workers. Pay starts at $66,000.

WHAT ELSE, CONOR?! Bernie Sanders wants a $60k minimum wage for teachers, and the Old Gray Lady confirms that, yes, he is absolutely on a heater right now. And that’s trouble for Kroger, which is still trying to clean up its payroll mess. According to a Labor Department investigation, Packers Sanitation meatpacking plant employed over 100 children—some as young as 13. Labor secretary Marty Walsh is stepping down to head the NHLPA. NLRB filings this week came from New Avenues for Youth in Portland, Providence St Peter Hospital in Olympia, Tech Systems Inc. in Bangor Base, Neighborhood Partnerships in Portland, Graham Packaging in Selah, Oregon Tradeswomen in Portland, and Black Hole Body Piercing and Tattoo in Portland.

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