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Music Fri 10:30 AM

Music for Movies of the Mind

Library-Music and Soundtrack Maestro Sean Wolcott Thrives in Niche Styles

Music Jun 17 9:00 AM

Remember When Seattle Was a Real Life Footloose?

New Podcast Remembers Seattle's Battle for All-Ages Music

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Queer Issue 2024 Jun 12 3:04 PM

Out of This World

Forming the SassyBlack Universe

Film/TV Jun 10 12:41 PM

Eric Hates Beatboxing

And I Hate Eric

Music Jun 7 11:52 AM

J.R.C.G.'s Angsty Funk Anthem and Louis Cole's Celestial Symphonic Jazz

The Best New Music to Hit My Inbox This Week

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Music Jun 4 12:40 PM

Long Live Heavy Metal

The Resurrection of 3 Inches of Blood

How to Seattle 2024 Jun 3 10:55 AM

How to Seattle: Music & Nightlife

From Punk Shows at Roller Rinks to Trivia Nights Hosted By Jeopardy! Champs

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Music May 30 12:15 PM

Sweet ā€˜nā€™ Sour

Lemon Boy’s Pissed-Off Pop-Punk Is Empowering Seattle’s DIY Scene

Music May 24 9:00 AM

Instrumental Health

Midpak Bring Precocious Skills and Charisma to Seattle's Funk Scene

Music May 22 4:45 PM

Mysterious Aussie Band Glass Beams Conquer Seattle

The Band Didn’t Say a Single Word during Their Sold-Out Show; the Music Was More than Enough to Inspire Devotion

Music May 14 2:33 PM

Laughing Matter

An Interview with the Most Fascinating Man in New York—and His Puppet Frog Dr. Love—Ahead of His Show in Seattle

Music May 13 3:12 PM

Thunderpussy Brought Abundance and Anarchy to Benaroya Hall

The Coolest 40-Year-Olds You Know Were There, Their Mullets Loose, Their Tattoos on Display

Music May 6 2:45 PM

The Best of Belltown Bloom 2024

This Year's Fest Featured Haka, Rad Rock Songs About Sex, and Mesmerizing Avant-Garde Experimentation

Music May 3 12:45 PM

Glass Beams' Mystical Funk and Bobbyy's Seductive Fusion

The Best New Music to Hit My Inbox This Week