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This Week in Seattle Food News

West African Food, Dumplings, and Matcha

Happy Solstice! Summer is officially here, and there's a wave of new food updates, from West African food to handmade dumplings. Plus, Musang is back at last! For more ideas, check out our food and drink guide.


Jollof Hub West African Cuisines
West African cuisine can be difficult to find in Seattle, so it's all the more exciting that this family-owned spot specializing in homestyle Nigerian and Gambian food opened in Greenwood at the beginning of the month. Dishes include jollof rice, meat pies, lamb afra, okra soup, and more.

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The Best Bang for Your Buck Events in Seattle This Weekend: June 21–23, 2024

Fremont Fair & Solstice Parade, Capitol Hill Pride March and Rally, and More Cheap & Easy Events Under $15

As usual, we're here to take the guesswork out of planning a great weekend. Browse our cheap and easy guide for event picks from the Fremont Fair & Solstice Parade to Cutie Fest and from Capitol Hill Pride March and Rally to the 1st Annual Georgetown Pride. For more ideas, check out our guide to the top events of the week.



Cherry Ferrari
Cherry Ferrari is a project by Emma Wang and Oliver Crosby, Seattle teenagers who combine their talents of smooth, jazzy vocals (Wang) and glossy disco production (Crosby). Catch the band during this hometown gig before they embark on their first tour. Local R&B artist Yonny will open. AUDREY VANN
(Barboza, Capitol Hill, $15)

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Music Fri 10:30 AM

Music for Movies of the Mind

Library-Music and Soundtrack Maestro Sean Wolcott Thrives in Niche Styles

Working out of his Everett-based Soundview Analog Recorders studio, Sean Wolcott has become a prodigious creator of eclectic, evocative soundtrack and library music. With regard to the latter genre, the guitarist/composer/producer occupies a tiny niche in the region's musical ecosystem. Aside from Andy "Gel-Sol" Reichel (whose great library single I reviewed on this blog in 2022), the field's pretty much ruled by Wolcott. 

Library music—which is created for placement in movies, TV shows, radio, ads, and other media—is, Wolcott says in an interview conducted at Analog Coffee, "kind of like this bizarre creature that's mixed of all of the kind of music I like and is pushing genre in a way that a lot of genre-bound artists don't. It felt really alive." The paradox of library music is that it's utilitarian, yet it's also a breeding ground for some of the boldest, most interesting sounds ever. 

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Guest Rant Fri 10:00 AM

Stop Trying to Put Cops Back in Seattle Schools

SROs Don’t Make Schools Safer–I Know from Experience

In the wake of yet another school shooting, the killing of Amarr Murphy-Paine at Garfield High School, some people are calling for the return of cops in our public schools. Parents are understandably frightened, but cops in schools won’t make our children safe. Rather, they will be used to discipline and intimidate students. My family knows this from bitter experience. 

In 2017, my son, then a 17-year-old at Garfield High School, witnessed a horrifying hazing incident in the swim team locker room. In 2019, he saw possible sexual misconduct and reported the incident to school officials, but nothing was investigated. In January 2020, he reported his observations to a student journalist from the school newspaper, and I got a call from the Garfield school resource officer (SRO)—that is, from a cop assigned to the school. When I picked up the phone, I thought the SRO would be offering help. But he said, “I want you to tell your son to STOP talking to the newspaper.” Those words marked the start of our long battle with Seattle Public Schools and the police they employed. 

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Bad Apples Fri 8:55 AM

Bad Apples

SPD Fires a Racist Cop, Jan 6 Cop Taunts Man in Crisis, SPD Fires a Cop for DUI and Sexual Assault Accusation

Earlier this week, former Seattle Police Department (SPD) Chief Adrian Diaz came out as gay in a last-ditch effort to repair his image after employees filed multiple lawsuits against him and the department for sexual discrimination, harassment, and racism. That accumulation of lawsuits in part led to his ouster as top cop earlier this year. 

First of all Diaz, welcome; sad you didn’t break the news with us. Would have loved to have done the interview in the rainbow cruiser. 

Second, we have some advice. Instead of leaning on the gay thing as a partial defense to some of these rumors and complaints, a better defense might have been that you inherited a barrel of bad apples at SPD. Mayor Bruce Harrell said as much at his press conference announcing your departure! Why not start naming names and beginning the process of saging the department?? Since you declined to take that path, let us shed light on some racist, bullying, and lying SPD officers–a couple of whom you even managed to fire in your short tenure! 

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Cartoon villain shit: This week, the Everett Herald announced layoffs to over half of its staff with the elimination of 12 positions. Publisher Rudi Alcott claimed "readers wouldn't notice" the significant cuts to the staff, according to the Herald's own reporting. But, the publisher deleted that article from the website on Thursday, calling its portrayal of real events and the impact on real local journalism "a hit piece." Unfortunately, this move drew more attention to the layoffs, stirred up some good old-fashioned outrage, and a "friendlier" version of the piece was restored to the site after several hours. The Streisand effect strikes again!

The original version of the story lives on in print: As they say, print is forever. Wait, they say that, right?

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Film/TV Thu 4:43 PM

Donald Sutherland Died Today; He Changed My Life in Harare

Goodnight, Sutherland. I Will Always Remember You.

I couldn't believe my eyes. A Hollywood-looking film set in my, of all places, Harare neighborhood. Parked trucks; gear (lights, camera tracks, audio recording devices, so on and so on); lots of people doing this and that. After watching this activity, I gathered the courage to ask a tall man standing with a walkie-talkie what was cutting. A film, he says. I can see that, I say, but what kind of movie is going down? It's a big one, he says. His walkie-talkie erupts. He listens. It doesn't concern him. Someone else is called for. We resume talking.

The film has real movie stars, he claims. "From America?" I ask. Yes, America. The name of the film? A Dry White Season. The name of the stars? Marlon Brando, Susan Sarandon, and Donald Sutherland. My amazement is as bright as the sun in the sky. How is this even possible? A film with real Hollywood stars, only a K or two from my digs. I spot Donald Sutherland exiting a car. I just can't believe my eyes.

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EverOut Thu 3:36 PM

Seven Lavender Drinks to Try in Seattle

Fuel Coffee, Dough Joy, and More Places for Floral Beverages

If you've spent any time at all on queer TikTok, you probably already know that lavender lattes—especially iced with oat milk—are widely considered the gayest coffee order around. I've been drinking this trendy sapphic beverage since I first encountered it at a cafe in Tacoma in 2013, but it's been tough to find until recently, so I'm pleased to see it proliferating across Seattle menus as of late. Here are seven favorites that I've found, in case you want to celebrate Pride Month with some floral refreshments.

Cafe Flora and The Flora Bakehouse
The vegetarian haven Cafe Flora and its bakery sibling are both serving up a "Lavender Fields Latte," featuring local raw honey infused with aromatic lavender buds—the most cottagecore beverage possible, if you ask me.
Madison Valley, Beacon Hill

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Pop princess Sabrina Carpenter is going on tour this fall ‘cause she’s a singer—we can’t wait to hear her “Nonsense” outro for Seattle. Eighties alt-rock phenoms the Psychedelic Furs and the Jesus and Mary Chain have announced a joint tour with a stop in Seattle this October. Plus, K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE is bringing their i-DOL tour to Tacoma. Read on for details on those and other newly announced events, plus some news you can use.



Abhi the Nomad
Neumos (Sun Sept 29)

Andra Day
The Showbox (Tues Sept 24)

Asim Azhar x AUR: The World Tour 2024
The Showbox (Sun Aug 25)

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Fat Shack Sunday after 10p 6/16

You were there with 3 friends. We kept making eyes while you were waiting to order, and especially when you walked to your table. We sat back to back.

Scooter Cutie in Apartment Elevator

I was rushing to dinner when I got off the elevator while you got on w/ your scooter. Made eye contact and both did a double take as the door closed

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Cops Thu 9:00 AM

Seattle Police Officers Misgender, Handcuff Deaf Transgender Woman During Involuntary Commitment

The Woman Filed a Complaint that Can Go Nowhere Due to Police Union Contract

In October of last year, a deaf transgender woman filed a complaint against three Seattle Police Department (SPD) officers for misgendering her and handcuffing her when they involuntarily committed her to a hospital in 2019. A witness, who was a pastor and friend to the woman, called the officers’ reaction “over the top and aggressive.” However, for the most part, the Seattle police officers involved followed SPD policy during the interaction, in part because SPD policies regarding interactions with deaf people fall short of US Department of Justice best practices around handcuffing deaf people. 

On April 6, 2019, three Seattle Police officers–Nicholas Evans, Brandon McDougald, and Student Officer Alexander Lam–responded to a call about a person yelling at staff and customers inside a Big 5 in White Center. Officers arrived at the sporting goods store and spoke with employees, who said that the woman, Raticia Austring, had paid for a tent and a propane stove, but she grew frustrated when employees refused to sell her a knife, according to body-worn video reviewed and transcribed by the Office of Police Accountability (OPA). Employees said Austring wrote down threats. In an interview with OPA, Austring denied threatening employees.

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The gays win again: Newcastle's city council voted two weeks ago not to raise a Pride flag at City Hall. At the time, Mayor Robert Clark said raising the flag would lead to a slippery slope—if they raised the Pride flag, then they'd also have to raise the Hamas flag, a MAGA flag, or even an Antifa flag, KOMO reports. After a flood of people spoke up during public testimony and called bullshit, the council reversed that decision in a 4-3 vote Tuesday and the City put the flag up. But before the vote, the mayor railed against the "hate" in the "midst" of the pride movement and registered his staunch opposition to recognizing the ongoing legacy of slavery and Jim Crow in contemporary society as well as any attempts that seek to repair it. 

Cop stops former deputy mayor in what she called a "stop and frisk": A Seattle police officer stopped former Senior Deputy Mayor Monisha Harrell in Greenwood on Sunday and told her he was checking for stolen vehicles in the area, Publicola reports. Harrell, the mayor's niece, stepped down in September after reported disagreements with other city leaders about public safety. She says the stop was an example of racial profiling. SPD says the stop was part of the officer's training and "was made because the [license] plate was obscured by a dark license plate cover," the department told Publicola.

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Dear Macklemore, 

I almost ran you over on 15th once. I knew it was you because I was way too close, and you did the classic deer-in-headlights stand-and-freeze thing. Sorry about that!!

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Juneteenth Freedom Fest

(JUNETEENTH) On Juneteenth, Africatown Community Land Trust and King County Equity Now are "commemorating the liberation of our ancestors from chattel slavery and collectively envisioning and exploring what future freedom and equity can look like." Socially conscious hip-hop duo Dead Prez will host a panel on reparations and freedom, "Bed" singer J. Holiday will headline a lineup of music performances, and attendees can check out over 100 market and food vendors. The festivities will take over Jimi Hendrix Park, next to the Northwest African American Museum. See our full list of Juneteenth events here. (Jimi Hendrix Park, 2400 S Massachusetts St, noon–8 pm, free, all ages) JANEY WONG

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Economy Wed 10:18 AM

Billionaires Are Betting Big on Seattle’s Space Industry

The Cosmic and the Commercial Cannot Be Separated

The Puget Sound Business Journal is looking at the bright side of things. Yes, Seattle's tech sector shrank not too long after the pandemic ended (or, more precisely, was normalized—it is still with us, still killing lots of people), but the space industry, which has its roots in Boeing's former domination of the region's economy, is expanding thanks to the investments by two billionaires, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. The former, who runs SpaceX, "doubled [his] Puget Sound-area workforce to roughly 2,000 employees in the last year." The latter, Bezos's Blue Origin, "saw its Seattle-area workforce climb by more than 300 employees over the past year." Bezos also owns Project Kuiper, a subsidiary of Amazon that plans to compete directly with Musk's world-famous Starlink by launching a total of "3,236 low-Earth orbit internet satellites by mid-2029." Starlink presently has 6,078 satellites in space

And so this is what has become of our stars: commercial projects that will eventually obscure Earth-based scientific observations of real stars, the galaxies they form, and the universe they wander through from "remote eons to infinitely remote futures." 

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